Become an OG coffee member

With our new OG coffee membership you enjoy unlimited* coffees, lattes, teas and 15% discount on the whole menu for €30,- per month.

This is how it works...

  1. Purchase your coffee membership online by clicking the sign up button.
  2. Show your confirmation email in our store, we’ll only need your name and we will take a picture for identification purposes. Your coffee card will be linked to your name and photo.
  3. Order your favorite coffee for free in store by simply providing your name and  identification – or order something else with a 15% discount.

*Your coffee membership is valid for one month from the moment you first use the card. You can use your membership as many times as you like, but there should be at least one hour in between orders. The membership can only be used by you and only one drink at a time can be ordered other drinks can be ordered separately with a 15% discount.

What's included?

The coffee membership can be used on all drinks our baristas prepare. This means that you can enjoy all our coffees, special lattes and teas for free during your month. As if that is not enough our coffee card you also get 15% discount on the rest of the menu. You can use the “free” coffee and the discount at the same time.

Questions? We have answers

Bring your confirmation email to the store when you want to get your first coffee and ask our staff for instructions.

Yes, it is. You get all barista made drinks for free during your month, but you can only order one drink at a time and there must be at least an hour in between orders. 

Sadly no, your card is strictly personal and you can only order one drink at a time for yourself with your card. Of course you can still buy an extra coffee for your friend for a 15% discount. 

Your membership is strictly personal and will be linked to your name and photo. Our staff will check if your name does match your photo when ordering. 

Your membership is valid for one month since your first order in out store. This means if you buy it at the OG Coffee card the 20th of December it will be valid until the 20th of January. 

The discount applies to the total order the cardholder is paying for. Excluded are items from our shop, like protein powder and milk. 

The card can only be bought online on our website. 

We like to keep things simple and so we don’t have a physical card. Better for the planet and less hassle for you to keep it with you.

No, your membership will end automatically after one month. When your membership has ended you can buy a new one at that moment. 

The free coffees and discount only apply to items bought in store and not to orders on Deliveroo, UberEats or Thuisbezorgd.

Enjoy unlimited* coffees, lattes, teas and
15% discount on the whole menu for €30,- per month.