We truly believe eating whole foods without refined sugars and oils is what’s best for our bodies and the planet. We enforce three rules to make sure that we stay true to our health requirements.


We cook only with unprocessed and rich in nutrients food. We believe that staying close to what nature is offering is better for our health and the environment.


A sweet taste can be obtained naturally from foods as a whole food with all the added nutrients. We do not add any refined sugars because they add no health benefit.  We only use coconut oil and olive oil and no refined oils to not bring a dis-balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6. 

health benefits

Every single item on the menu should contain ingredient(s) that add something to our health. If this is not the case we won’t add it. 

Plant forward EXPLAINED

Unlike a vegan or vegetarian approach, a plant-forward diet showcases vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains but does not necessarily eliminate all animal-based foods.

Our  belief is that a plant forward diet can be one of the best diets for your health if done correctly. We want to show that plant forward food can be healthy, sustainable and delicious.

When starting Oliver Green in August 2019 we were big believers in a 100% plant based diet, mostly because we thought animal agriculture was harming the planet and animal products were not contributing to our health. ⁠⁠

As we’ve learned more about the health of our planet and of ourselves we figured this is not necessarily the case. What does make a difference is what kind of animal products we eat and where do you source them. ⁠

Feedlot animals are never good for the planet and our health, but regenerative farming can be a good way to produce food without chemical fertilizers and keeping our soils healthy. When the animals are fed a natural diet it also changes the nutritional value of their meat, eggs and milk. ⁠Therefore some foods that are considered unhealthy can actually be very healthy if the source is right.

The last two years we got many questions about adding more protein sources to our menu and this left us in an internal discussion. We were a vegan company, but also big believers in a diet of whole foods without added sugars and harmful oils. Therefore we chose not to add vegan meat replacers full of artificial ingredients, but adding sustainable sourced organic animal products. 

Our menu still has over 90% vegan meals, but will include some animal products as well like egg and feta cheese.

sustainable sourcing

Organic and sustainable are often use interchangeable, but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. Sustainability comes down to efficient water, land, energy and resource usage and looks at lowering emissions, while organic farming is governed by strict rules about using man-made fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

While organic farming can also be sustainable, in many cases conventional agriculture is more efficient in terms of land, water, energy and resource usage. Organic farming also says nothing about the use of fossil energy sources and carbon emissions. 

Our aim is to have the balance our impact on the planet and the quality of the ingredients we use.Therefore we make individual choices on each of our ingredients how and where we source. We base the decision of buying organic based on pesticide residue found in the final product. Therefore we source berries and leafy greens organic for example.The rest of our produce we source locally if that is the most sustainable option. For example tomatoes that are grown in Spain by using the sun are preferred over tomatoes grown in greenhouses in the Netherlands as the emissions of transport are less than the emissions of the greenhouse productions. 

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