A health cafe created by food lovers who care about taste, health and our planet. 


Our mission is to make healthy foods easily accessible and delicious, while being mindful of the impact we have on the planet. We do that by creating innovative recipes using plant-based whole foods and sharing our passion for food to inspire the Amsterdam community to make conscious decisions.

food ethos

We truly believe eating whole foods plant-based without refined sugars and oils is what’s best for our bodies and the planet. This is represented in our kitchen too.

our places

Recognize OG stores for the energy, urban vibe and good music. We like to keep things clear and so is design of the place: minimalistic. Our places are all about transparency. We want our guests to know where their food comes from and how we’re preparing it

our story

“In a search for places in Amsterdam offering delicious and healthy food we figured it was hard to find what we were looking for. We started Oliver Green in a mission to contribute to a healthier society and provide an escape to the busy city life.”

meet our founders

Meet our founders Stefan & Merel: Obsessed with food and convinced that healthy foods should be easily accessible and delicious, while being mindful of the impact we have on the planet.


Stefan has always been conscious about nutrition of food combined with performance. He’s always into new experiments and so was the vegan diet. Figuring out if he would be able to recover as good after tough workouts as with a non-vegan diet. The experiment resulted in a 180 degree change of his diet and so he started learning more about the plant-based kitchen. With his background as a chef in a grill restaurant (yep) and the constant search for new things he found ways to make plant based food as tasty that you forget about what you might miss. To him Oliver Green should be part of the daily health habit for everyone in the neighborhood.


Merel has always been eating loads of veggies, salads and fruits so the switch to a vegan diet was not that difficult. She’s always up for challenges like drinking celery juice for 30 days, skipping coffee for 10 days, incorporating healthy hacks into her life is something she loves to do and share with her audience. “In the end all of us would be better off eating more plants, but the fact is that we’re spoiled with processed foods that make us forget where our foods originate from. With Oliver Green I want to reconnect the urban inhabitants enjoy the rich nutrients, flavors and effects of whole foods that nature has to offer.” To her Oliver Green is a place to get energized with good food and good vibes the moment you step in

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